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DIY Encanto Inspired NOT SO SPECIAL, SPECIAL Basket

As photographer, I am always searching for props to go with my theme minis, so as I watched this movie for like the 100th time with my kids, I just knew I wanted a NOT SO SPECIAL, SPECIAL Basket. Below I listed the items I used and how I put together my baskets.

Items Needed

Basket - I got mine from Home Goods, it was $6.99. I have seen similar baskets pretty much everywhere but Home Goods has the best price for me.

Colorful Fans and Colorful Cones - I bought these from my local Dollar Tree

Glue Gun - you will need one of these

Styrofoam square- You are going to want to get the size to match the inside of your basket. I was lucky enough to have some blocks leftover from my something I bought back last Fall.

Black Yarn - I used this to string along my Wooden Maracas ( I only went with the Yard because that is what I had already at home)

Wooden Maracas - I ordered mine from Amazon, originally I was going to paint them to match the movie but decided not to. $10.95

Burlap - I bought mine from Hobby Lobby for my Saint Patrick's Day shoots, so I had this already left over. I used this to create the little sacks to fill in the gaps on top of the basket.

Stuffing- for the sacks I am thinking you can use pretty much any type of stuffing. I have a huge back of stuffing thanks to Ashley Furniture. Its brown too so extra bonus

Glass jars - I bought two from Dollar Tree

Stock Card Paper - I had some glitter paper already at home from Halloween, so just cut these up into squares for the jars.

Tulle- Very little is needed. I used matching color tulle for the inside of the jars so that the cut up paper would stay sticking up.

Scissors & Glue Sticks

Long Sticks- I had a bunch already at home from BBQ's

Long list now that I think of it but so worth it. This project took me about a hour to complete. So make sure you have the time and a clean area.

Ok, So First thing I did was put my Styrofoam into my basket.

Step 1 - I started to glue my cones in place the way I wanted them to look. This is a 2 step process. I first glued 2 together then did another two. Once those were dried, I added the 3rd cone to each set. I used 2 sets. Once they was all dried, I put alot of hot glue on the tip of my stick and then glues the stick to my cones. Then let dry.

Step 2 - I made the string maracas. So I cut a very long piece of black yarn. I tied one end to the basked in the place I want it to be. Then I put a lot of hot glue on the Maraca where I will be placing the yard. I then wrapped the yarn about 3 times around the maraca handle and placed it carefully while it dried. I waited for each one to be dried before I moved on to the next maraca. You are going to want to map this part out exactly how you want the maracas to hang. So take your time with this step.

Step 3 I now placed my colorful fans and cones sticks into my Styrofoam in the way I want them to be. Keep in mind, you don't want to block your child's face when doing this, so you are going to want to part this in the middle.

Step 4 Now onto the Jars. I cut about 20 or so squares in two colors. One was yellow and the other green. You can use what ever color you wish. I used bright glitter cardstock paper. I also placed matching color tulle into my jars in the middle before placing the cut up pieces. You are going to want to make sure the cute up pieces are showing the way you want it to look, bright color facing out. Then I hot glue the tops of the jars shut.

Step 5 Burlap Sacks. I just basically cut some rectangle size cute. Folded it then hot glued the sides but left one side open so I can stuff it with stuffing. Then you will hot glue it shut. Once this is done, you will hot glue it to the top of your basket to cover the Styrofoam. You also want to hot glue the jars to these and the Styrofoam. Make sure you leave no empty spots.

Now your done, You can add more to your basket. I plan on adding a little bowl and make some fake bread sticks to it, either way I am very pleased with my basket. Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to check out my page for more photos

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