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DIY Egg Prop for Sitter Babies

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

So if you are anything like me, you probably seen these cute Easter Egg Photos online and thought, "how cute, wonder where I can get one?" Well I'll save you the time in searching. The answer is pretty much no where unless you want to spend a fortune with Etsy and risk the wait. I heard Home Good has something similar but it is a rare find, believe me I tried. I called several for several days and still nothing. So I had to resort to making one myself. Below is a breakdown of what I used and did to make my piece. Hope this helps and if you have any questions, feel free to message me.

Items you will need.

A big plastic Pot - I got mine from Home Depot but I seen similar at Walmart and Dollar General.

A drill

A electrical Saw

White Spray Paint I got mine from Walmart (the cheapest one)

Sand Paper- I got mine from Dollar Tree

Aluminum baking pan- I got mine from Dollar Tree

Ok, so my pot was a back up from Xmas ( hot coco mug) so it was previously sprayed painted white. You may or may not want to do this but I think it will help.


Step 1 - Spray paint your pot.

Step 2 - Draw your egg. Draw a outline on your nice white pot, how you want your egg to look, this way you will know where you need to cut. I made mine lower in the front, so that the babies sitting in my egg are visible. I don't want them to be hidden from my photos. I want their outfits to be visible, so I made the front part short and the back part a tab bit higher. You also don't want to make your angles so sharp. Round them out a bit.

Step 3 - I had some assistance with this step since I am not a pro in power tools. However I watched, so this is what was done. You are going to want to drill a hole at every tip and corner you want to cut, this will make it easier for you to cut with your blade. Then once that is done, you will begin cutting away with your electrical saw.

Step 4 - Sand down your freshly new cut edges, you don't want them sharp, so you are going to want to sand them down to a nice curve.

Step 5 - Now the fun part. You will begin to plaster your egg. You are going to want to fill your pan with warm water (must be warm) Also don't use something you plan on keeping, the plaster will ruin it. This is why I used a dollar tree pan. Another important message, do not discard your remaining water down the drain, throw it away outside. This is plaster and can clog your pipes. Half way through the process I did have to throw away and replace with my pan with warm water. If the water gets cold, the plaster won't work as good. I did cut my cloth into 3 inch wide cuts before I started. I also used one kit for the first layer then waited a few hours for it to fully dry before doing a second coat with the 2nd kit.

Step 6. Once everything was all dried, I sanded down some areas that looked off and cut pieces of excess cloth. I didn't paint over my egg because it didn't need to be painted but you might want to if you feel like it. I was in a time limit and needed to get some test shots so I did photos without painting and then just decided to leave as is.

Feel free to check out the end results on my Facebook Page at

Located in the Spring 2022 Album

Again thank you for checking my blog out and let me know if this helped. I will post pictures in the comments.

Bird Nest is from Hobby Lobby - It is 2 parts. The bottom was around $22 and the top was $7

The top shell is a wooded bowl I found at Home Goods - I just sprayed painted it white.

Little Easter Eggs are from Hobby Lobby

Backdrop is from Baby Dream Backdrops

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